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I'm juggling and my fears on fire

But I'm listening as it evolves in my head

Kat Thomas
14 December 1983
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Kat, for the most part, was a normal kid. Sure, she had a short attention span and lacked the ability to be polite, but aside from that? Average, ordinary kid. She was born in Jackson, Mississippi and stayed there with her parents until she was five. Then, her mom got bored with her dad – at that point, husband number two. They relocated to Birmingham, Alabama, where Kat attended elementary school, and her mom met husband number three. It lasted all the way until the eighth grade before they had to relocate again. Yeah, that short attention span thing? Totally genetic. Middle school? Spent in Dallas, Texas. High school? Graduated from a nice public school in Memphis, Tennessee. College? Los Angeles, California - well, that she did without her mom needing to ditch the final husband – number six, apparently, was a winner!

People expected Kat to be upset or at the very least a little bummed about the constant changing of the dads, but really? She didn’t mind so much. Her father? Not the greatest guy in the world, except for the monthly donation to her general well-being. And, her mom was happiest when married, so the revolving family? Didn’t matter much. She didn’t even mind the relocating part – she was hyperactive, spunky kid with a knack for making friends quickly. She played a lot of sports – volleyball, soccer, softball, even competitive archery; she was always very agile, energetic, and easily entertained. The constant change in scenery was oddly good for her.

She ended up in LA – insisting to her mom it was purely for educational purposes. Really? She decided during her sophomore year of high school that she wanted to be in movies. She didn’t do the theatre thing – to be honest, the drama geeks scared her, though she did volunteer to help with sets from time-to-time. But, she decided she was fun and sassy enough to absolutely be in movies – or, maybe a sitcom, because she could absolutely do a sitcom. She didn’t go to LA with headshots and a list of potential agents. She just went… in hopes of being randomly discovered in a coffee shop. Well, she got discovered by a coffee shop as a part-time barista to pay the rent, but that was about it. Then there was the other part-time job at the record store where, for the most part, all she did was dance around to the musical selection of the shift and reorganize the supposedly alphabetized CD’s. Yeah. Such an exciting life.

But, one day it changed. She was minding her own business, attempting the positions in chapter seven of her complete guide to yoga. It was sort of like a handstand, with twisting involved. Yeah. It should’ve been painful, and it started out that way. Then, she found herself back flipping across the carpet in her apartment. Huh. She remembered the book said she’d find her flexibility increasing, but seriously? That was weird. She was starting to worry and began to develop expectations of glasses of Kool-Aid and intriguing tales of the comet that would lead her to the afterlife. But turns out? She was a slayer due to a spell that the red-head girl did during some insane vampire fight. Hmm, cool. Of course, this was told to her by some random vampire named Angel – seriously, what vampire is named Angel cause that totally sounds like an oxymoron, but she knew better than to comment. But, she wasn’t supposed to slay him, and she was cool with that. In fact, she has yet to find out just what, exactly, she’s supposed to with her newfound powers.

[[Ekaterina Oksana Thomas, aka Kat, belongs to me, nicalamity! All images on this journal - icons, header, everything - was made by me with a couple of wonderful assists from lollobrigida. Any references to Buffy and/or Angel? Well, those ideas are borrowed from Joss. Kat plays in fandom_muses, but you never know where she may pop up next!!]]